Vive la Pêche Saison

Vive la Pêche Saison

The weather finally turned nice in Seattle and I hadn’t brewed anything yet in 2017, so I thought I’d take advantage of the 80+ degree weather for this long Memorial Day weekend and try brewing a Saison. I figured it will be nice to have on hand for the hot days ahead.

I’ve also been interested in making a Saison with Wyeast 3711 (French Saison), which has a lower temperature range than Wyeast 3724. It was 3724 (Belgian Saison) that led to the infamous Exploding Saison disaster.

To make things interesting, I want to add peaches during fermentation, so this is going to be a Peach French Saison–Vive la Pêche.



Starting gravity (actual): 1.050
Starting gravity (expected): 1.050
Final gravity (actual): 1.004
Final gravity (expected): 1.008
ABV ~6%


I used up a bunch of old hops for this, so they weren’t as fresh as you’d hope. But the homebrew shop was out of the Styrian Golding hops that I had hoped to use.

Malts and Sugars

1 lb rye Malt
3 lbs Pilsen DME
2 lbs Wheat DME


0.35 oz US Fuggle (old) pellet hops 60 minutes
0.5 oz Willamette (old) pellet hops 60 minutes
0.7 oz Czech Saaz pellet hops 20 minutes
0.45 oz US Fuggle (old) pellet hops 20 minutes
0.7 oz Czech Saaz pellet hops 0 minutes
0.45 oz US Fuggle (old) pellet hops 0 minutes


6lbs pureed peach peaches


1 pack Wyeast 3711 French Saison

Brewing Notes

  • Added 6 lbs of pureed peach (weighed after puree) to about half (2.5 gallons) of the saison. Aged for 9 days.
  • Blended 2 gallons of the peach saison (losing some to the puree) with 1 gallon of the un-peached saison. Bottled this 3 gallons, and then bottled another ~1 gallon of the remaining un-peached saison.
  • Overall, lost about a gallon to the puree (which was too small) and general yeastiness at the bottom of the carboys.


Brewed May 28, 2017
Peaches Added (to ~2.5 gallons) June 18, 2017
Bottled June 27, 2017

Note: Unfortunately, I lost the original version of this post so I don’t have any tasting notes. I think it turned out fine, but could use improvement.